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DPF Options we can offer

We also specialise in DPF removals, A much cheaper option than replacing the OEM DPF on your diesel is to completely remove it using our software, and with a visual check is un – noticeable when removed, Be the reason for Performance gains as the filter is restrictive or a dreaded blocked DPF filter with active warning lights on the dash. Removing it completely eliminates the problem for good without any future worry. With our DPF removal package we remove the DPF and eliminate warning lights as well as a ECU remap with the choices of Performance, Economy or a fine tune of both. Contact us for more details.


All work is carried out in house, we dont send the vehicle to another garage for the removal of the DPF unit as known to happen with other companies.




Our softwate is fully custom done in house, The Deletion of components such as DPF units are carried out the correct way' modifying the way the regeneration cycles works etc, and NOT just deleting the DTC's from the ECU.

All work is carried out by qualified Technicians with full qualifications.

All work is carried out to the highest of standard and we treat your vehicle as our own.

Be it through OBD or a protected ECU, we can carry out  the work with the most advanced tools such as the CMD from Flashtec.

We can also replace the DPF ( Diesel Particluate Filter  ) for a qaulity new replacement unit, We deal with a great network that only supplies good new quality replacement units for your car or van. Units usually have a life span of around 120000 miles, they usually block due the ash build up from the carbons created, Tell tale signs are usually the vehicle warning lamp for the DPF is often on the dash due to it trying to regenerate but failing in the cycle process due to the ash content to high and not finishing the cycle, ignoring problems can cause damge to the pressure sensor, Turbo or even injectors.



Here at Unit 9 Remaps we can also offer a professional cleaning service, Using an advanced 3 stage chemical clean. This process doesnt involve removal of the DPF unit but injecting into the pressure sensors, It involves stages involving cleansing and flushing and the results are very successful.



A key part with DPF problems can be the Diagnosis of the problem, We use the most advanced equiptment available for this proccess, There has been many a time people have been miss diagnosed for example, a faulty pressure sensor,


DPF sensors are used in your diesel car's exhaust system in order to help minimise the amount of soot which is emitted from your car. this failong could give in-acurate readings for the soot content of the vehicle prompting the vehicle to think it has a failed Diesel Particulate filter. This is why the diagnostic procedure is important before any work is carried out.




Typical DTC's

DPF_Exhaust_Pressure_Sensor_G450_076906051A 11659432_1608998299342543_5563738884449131003_n 12508728_1672944772947895_1107648477415044691_n 11923266_1625727407669632_7326072187076397221_n


P1471 - Diesel Particulate Filter (Bank 1) Regeneration not completed


P2002 - Diesel Particulate Filter (Bank 1) Efficiency below threshold


P2003 - Diesel Particulate Filter (Bank 1) Particulate mass too high


P242F - Diesel Particulate Filter (Bank 1) Regeneration not active


P244A - Particulate Filter DIfferential pressure too low


P244B - Particulate Filter Differential pressure too high


P2452 - Particulate Filter Differential pressure sensor malfunction


P2453 - Diesel Particulate Filter Differential pressure sensor malfunction


P2454 - Diesel Particulate Filter Differential pressure sensor voltage too low


P2455 - Diesel Particulate Filter Differential pressure sensor malfunction


P2458 - Particulate Filter regeneration maximum regeneration time exceeded


P2459 - Particulate Filter regeneration, regeneration frequency implausible

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