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Want a little more power, We offer a high Quality professional remapping / Tuning service for Cars & Vans.Our files are Custom Written files from your OEM ECU File on your vehicle. The work is carried out by fully qualified vehicle Technician’s equipped with the best tools on the market from CMD to carry out the work. We will do a full vehicle scan of the car before we carry any work out using profession diagnostics which a lot of garages charge for just this service, Both Petrol & Diesel engines benefit from fantastic. You won’t be disappointed. Contact us for more info.



Richard Turnbull


Cheers for finding me Boost leak, was a swine to change but at least it's all sorted now. Would have never found this without smoke testing it. I'm sure I'll be back in the future !



Antony Davison


5starTop bloke. Had a remap and some performance tweaks done at a really affordable price. Highly recommend

If its Economy you looking for' the best value for money is getting a remap, you could save upto 20% on fuel bills, by fine tuning the ECU from the vehicle and its parameters to give you more low down torque, this enables less gear changes for example on motorways, The vehicles engine doesnt have to work as hard. Be it Petrol or Diesel theres massive gains hidden and ready to be unlocked transforming your vehicle, For more information get in touch.



Remapping via the OBD port is just a simple matter of connecting our software to the vehicles On Board Diagnostic socket, There is no need for ECU removal, The majority of vehicles are OBD but some newer are protected, Using the OBD socket we will pull the vehicles file from the ECU, this then lets us modify the file using various programs, once we are happy with the upgraded software we then reconnect via OBD and upload your new software to the vehicle.



Here at Unit 9 Remaps we have the most upto date advanced Hardware & Software, Most of the latest models from manufactures have protected ECU's, this is to try and block any software changes, With the latest technology we can remove the vehicles ECU, place it on the frame on the bench and using special probes read the ECU data allowing us to unlock the manufactures software' Allowing us to change areas that we request. For example a 2011 1.6CR VW Golf is a tricore protected ECU, we will have to remove the ECU from the vehicle to carry out the desired work, This will result in a slight price difference, Contact us for more details.


Protected ECU's


Audi A3 2.0 CR TDI 170

8P (2008 - 2012)




Original Power:  170 bhp

Remap Power:  210 bhp

Original Torque:  350 Nm (258 ftlb)

Remap Torque:  430 Nm (317 ftlb)

BMW 3 Series 335i 306

E90/E91/E92/E93 (2005-2010)





Original Power:  306 bhp

Remap Power:  360 bhp

Original Torque:  400 Nm (295 ftlb)

Remap Torque:  500 Nm (368 ftlb)

We can incorporate many addons into the custom remapping software we offer, it can be anything from -


DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Removal

Speed Limiter Removal

Launch Control (Certain Marques)

Lambda Sensor Removal

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) Removal P.O.A

Sports Button Remapping

Swirl Flap Removal

EGR Delete and more ..................... Contact us for a qoute


Additional Addons

We have the facilities to carry out boost leak testing, This is done by pressurising the system, we can find the smallest of leaks as it will be identified via Smoke and UV dye, there isnt a leak we wont find, Typical faults can be anything from a weak PCV system, weak intercooler clamp, the inlet manifold not sealed or a split hose, if repairs are also required we can carry out the work.




Boost Leak Testing


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Price £35

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